Our Focus

The mission of CCAEA is achieved through strategic approaches of raising awareness, creating a responsive and a responsible citizenry on climate change impacts on their livelihoods and wellbeing, application of adaptation and mitigation response strategies with specific linkage to food security, ecosystems and biodiversity, renewable energy, and environment in general.

CCAEA also mobilizes investors, sponsors, citizens, media, academia, regulatory bodies, local communities, government ministries, agencies and departments and other interested parties to participate in annual symposiums and expos to showcase, share practices and intervening adaptation and mitigation actions on climate change. A wealth of practical solutions is shared among participants who are involved in food security, food systems, ecosystems tree planting, biodiversity among many.

CCAEA brings together business, government, and civil society organizations through innovative, partnerships to advance solutions that help meet humanity’s greatest needs in the areas; food and agriculture, water, energy, urban growth centres, environment, and circular economy that are directly being affected by climate change. The focus is to development interventions that have a multiplicity of benefits to the community actors.

CCAEA’s current topical and versatile project is the 1 acre-model with definitive outcomes of enhanced livelihoods and income, sustainable renewable energy, improved nutrition and demonstrated climate resilience. The project is also one of the practical alternatives for drawing out entrenched ecosystem degraders and to allow for permanent restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Finally, CCAEA further drives through implementation of policies and activities prioritized by government in the various sectors.


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